Investment Banking

Dalton Creations, L.L.C. and its Investment Banking team are involved in locating and funding public and private investment opportunities. The Company also acts as Investment Banker in exclusive representation of entrepreneurs interested in selling their companies.

Current Project Pipeline:

Dalton Creations is currently involved in the capitalization of an origination end energy pipeline company, an energy manufacturing entity with major contracts and operations in Brazil and a clean coal mining and operational project in central Utah. Each of these projects is in the final stages of determining funding requirements and methods of attracting capital in 2009.

Current Projects Requiring Capital:

Innovative Leisure Partners, L.L.C., A major component of ILP (www.ilp-usa.com) is a creatively new concept theme park to be developed in Houston, Texas. Mr. Dalton has teamed with Mr. Chuck Hendrix, the former Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations-Six Flags, Inc., to open a park in Houston which will feature the world's largest water park (The Island's Resort) along with a major sports tournament and related developmental venue to be known as America's Champions (competitive youth athletics).

ILP has secured a consulting relationship with Emaar (www.emmar.com) relating to is projects in Dubai, UAE. ILP's consulting role includes directing the leisure entertainment efforts of Emaar's current development efforts which includes the world's largest mall connected to the world's tallest building both being constructed by Emaar. During January 2008, (The Company has secured a commitment for $128M in debt financing and currently requires $32M in equity investment)

Projects Active or Sold:

Zabbit Entertainment L.L.C., children's entertainment, concessions and publishing company focused on providing educational materials and stage presentations to pre-school and school age children (www.zabbit.com).

ATAG, Inc., energy related company involved in the manufacture of sub sea blowout preventer control systems. Mr. Dalton had primary responsibility of securing $15M under a confidential private placement memorandum and oversaw long-term financing activities. The company sold its operations to Oceaneering International, Inc. of Houston, Texas. (2000-2003)

WorldPort Communications, Inc. ("WorldPort") an international communications company involved in trans-Atlantic fiber-ownership, domestic and international switching operations, operator services and technology based communications solutions for the international tele-communications industry. As a co-founder of WorldPort, Mr. Dalton participated in raising of $250 million in capital, and the development and implementation of the company's business strategies. During his tenure Worldport created $350 million in market capitalization (Nasdaq-WRDP) for the stockholders of the company. Worldport was sold in a private transaction to Energsis of London, England during 1999 for $570M.

Litigation Support

Dalton Creations has established itself as a provider of jury research and trial strategy development. Services include mock trials, private trials, focus groups, community polling and survey instruments, supported by state-of the-art courtroom technology. Through affiliated companies we provide consultants with expert knowledge for trial preparation or empirically based settlement solutions to corporate in-house counsel and veteran trial lawyers.

The Company also provides trial technology services from pretrial preparation, documentation, witness preparation, trial support, post-trial electronic briefs and post trial jury interviews.

Special Investigation Services

Dalton Creations provides special investigate services to publicly traded companies that are experiencing fraudulent actions or other fiduciary abuses from executive management and/or members of the board of directors.

During 2007 - Dalton Creations successfully led efforts to remove an existing board of directors and executive management by utilizing legal maneuvers to force certain shareholders, board members and executive management to resign their positions or face potential civil and possibly criminal action by the SEC and United States Attorney's office.

These efforts led to the purchase of a controlling share position for the public shareholders of this telecommunications entity at a purchase price below the company's stock trading price and far below the actual value of the company.

During 2003 - Dalton Creations led a shareholder effort to successfully remove the existing management team of a high-technology educational entity. The result was the movement of this company share price from $1.30 to $8.50.

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Services

The Company provides internal audit project management services, including Sarbanes-Oxley ("SOX") planning and implementation, at publicly held companies in the oil and gas and the private/governmental corrections industries.

Special Real Estate Services

Dalton Creations is currently representing an owner of a significant commercial track of Nashville, Tennessee acreage at www.nashville-estates.com. The Company is marketing the property to investors and also securing financing for possible developer of this acreage.

This Nashville property will also be marketed to the database of wealthy investors that Dalton Creations has created through its business relationships.

Dalton Creations and its staff have also successfully marketed and sold 22,000 acres of deeded and 88,000 acres of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) known as the Bitter Root Cattle Company Ranch. This real estate transaction originated from an attorney with a client contemplating bankruptcy. The success of this sale prevented this bankruptcy and assisted the attorney in helping his client recover to solvency.

Dalton Creations works extensively with various affiliated businesses and governmental entities to accomplish common business goals. We are proud to be associated with professionals that have continuously illustrated excellence in their field of endeavor.

Dalton Creations has successfullyworked with both private business service providers as well governmental entities during its eight years of history.

The Dalton Creations team has proven repeatedly that combining the resources of business, legal and governmental resources results in unique and workable solutions for our clients.